Uplifting Children by Empowering Farmers

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Support our mission by supporting our partners World Vision and VisionFund, and by helping fund GAFCo through Impact Foundation. Together, we are seeking to develop a new model for uplifting children out of poverty that does not need to rely permanently on donations. In the meantime, your support will help perfect the model by offsetting early-adopter risk and ensuring that the communities where GAFCo works have access to safe water, quality heath care, and education for all children.


World Vision Tanzania 2017 Annual Report (PDF)

World Vision Tanzania - "Sauda's Letter"

World Vision and VisionFund

World Vision is a global Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization with a $2.7 billion budget, 42,000 employees, and a presence in 99 countries, usually with field staff deeply embedded in rural communities. In Tanzania, World Vision operates development programs in 51 locations with an annual budget of $51.1 million (2017 figures). Its livelihoods work addresses the underlying drivers of material poverty by focusing on graduating the poorest households out of extreme poverty, through the 3-in-1 partnership with GAFCo and VisionFund, as well as other models that are optimized for the specific local context. Key to this work is THRIVE, a multi-disciplinary rural approach that combines agricultural science, market strategies, and biblical principles to lift families out of poverty.

VisionFund is the micro-finance subsidiary of World Vision with operations in 31 countries serving 1.2 million clients as of December 2017 to demonstrate that the productive poor can thrive through their own initiative when given access to capital and banking services. VisionFund is the fastest growing micro-finance institution in Tanzania, providing affordable finance to enable farmers to purchase the things they need to improve yield and grow quality crops, so their children can eat better food, access healthcare, and attend school.

World Vision and VisionFund have been operating in Tanzania for 35 years and 20 years, respectively.


Impact Foundation

Impact Foundation exists to bring Kingdom Impact Investing to donors desiring to change the world through business while also earning a return on their charitable capital. Charitable giving - while critically important - will not alone solve the world’s most entrenched social issues. Businesses that seek profit plus social, environmental, and kingdom impact have the power to do more than charity alone. 

Impact Foundation has created a tax-free way for donors to support GAFCo directly by opening an Impact Account - a special kind of donor advised fund. Impact Foundation extends interest-bearing loans to GAFCo with donated funds, which when repaid can be used to support other impact investing businesses, or else donated to any charitable organization.


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For advice on how to make donations to World Vision or VisionFund that specifically support the work in Tanzania, or other economic development (THRIVE) projects in Africa, please contact us. Contact Impact Foundation directly for further information about opening an Impact Account, or ask us about other ways individuals or foundations can support GAFCo through charitable or commercial means.