Uplifting Children by Empowering Farmers

Bringing the fruit of Tanzanian agriculture to global markets

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What we produce

GAFCo exports high value crops to Europe, USA, South Africa and the Middle East including food beans, over 130+ varieties of seed beans, and healthy sunflower and safflower virgin, cold-pressed oils, as well as replicated seeds (e.g., sun hemp, flowers) and specialty crops. The climate and soil conditions in Tanzania are amongst the best in the world for rain-fed farming of pulses and oil seeds using conservation agriculture practices. GAFCo delivers the world's best in technology and knowledge to bring the benefits of Tanzanian agriculture to global markets. 

With logistics infrastructure, a fleet of farming equipment, processing facilities, and over 130 full-time employees, GAFCo owns an export value chain that ensures the highest quality products, traceable directly to the farm where the crops were grown. Our social impact is the added benefit. By partnering with GAFCo, you are joining a sustainable mission to improve the lives of thousands of smallholder farmer families living in Tanzania.

GAFCo is a market-led company. We welcome customer inquiries on our current products, but are also eager to collaborate in developing new specialty crops that could grow well in Tanzania.


The highest quality products, traceable to the farm where they were grown

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food beans and seed beans

A majority of GAFCo's farmers replicate over 130+ varieties of seed beans for individual clients around the world.  GAFCo smallholder farmers also produce high quality food beans including dark red kidney, navy beans, great northern, lightly speckled, green mung, chick peas, black-eyed beans, cow peas, and other varieties. Tanzania’s weather and soils create a perfect environment to grow beans. The typical growing season for beans is 3 months, and some regions can accommodate multiple seasons every year.

By consolidating acreage and introducing training, supervision, and mechanization, GAFCo produces the highest quality seed beans with 99% purity and > 90% germination.  GAFCo has invested in state-of-the-art bean grading, cleaning, and processing equipment, which when judiciously combined with hand-sorting allow us to deliver the finest quality food beans available anywhere in the world at a competitive price.


healthy cold pressed oils

GAFCo produces healthy sunflower and safflower virgin cold-pressed oil from high quality seed varieties, with clients benefitting from our vertically integrated system that includes an in-house crude oil pressing plant. We are the sole importer of high-oleic sunflower hybrid seed that achieves greater concentration of oil, enabling us to provide a healthly oil for a competitive price.

In addition to our commodity products, we work closely with clients to custom-produce a wide variety of healthy edible oils, essential oils, and oils for the medical and cosmetics industry. With the resources of GAFCo Academy, we can help customers develop new crop varieties that have not previously been grown in Tanzania.