Uplifting Children by Empowering Farmers

Uplifting Children by Empowering Farmers

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GAFCo combines world-leading farming technology and knowhow with the effort of thousands of well-trained Tanzanian farmers.


In regions with good weather and excellent soil, but with no farming economy, we provide an integrated business model that fills the gaps. 


We custom-develop products that are particularly suited to the Tanzanian conditions, especially beans, oils, seed replication, and specialty crops. 


Why We Are  Needed

Tanzania should be the breadbasket of Africa. It is blessed with plentiful resources, and yet is one of the 25 poorest countries in the world with 7.9 million children living in extreme poverty. GAFCo was created for the purpose of uplifting  these children out of poverty by empowering their parents to farm as a business. We are investing time and treasure to provide the best the world has to offer in knowledge, technology and management to enable African farming families to thrive. 

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Who We Are

Great African Food Company (GAFCo) is a for-profit, social impact business led by a team of successful business leaders who are passionate about serving the poor. Profits are reinvested to create a self-funding, self-replicating model that impacts an ever-greater number of smallholder farmers and their children. GAFCo combines world-leading farming knowhow and technology with the effort of thousands of well-trained Tanzanian farmers, enabling the production in Africa of globally competitive farming products to benefit both our customers and smallholder farmers.


How We Work

GAFCo operates commercial hubs, which are concentrated farming micro-economies that pool the resources of hundreds of farmers, improving the efficiency of production while increasing the incomes of thousands of families. Each hub includes a GAFCo Academy, a fleet of mechanized equipment, and tools to help finance growth, mitigate risk, and build social capital. With our own logistics and processing equipment, GAFCo extends the value chain from the hub to all the way to the export dock, benefitting farmer and customers alike.

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What We Produce

GAFCo brings the benefits of Tanzanian agriculture to global market, exporting high-value crops to customers in Europe, the United States, South Africa, and the Middle East. We produce over 130 varieties of food beans, seed beans, healthy sunflower and safflower virgin cold-pressed oils, as well as replicated seeds and specialty crops. With over 60,000 acres under cultivation, a fleet of farming equipment, processing facilities, and 130 full-time employees, GAFCo owns an export value chain that delivers the highest quality products, traceable through mobile-enabled technology directly to the farm where the crops were grown. 


Support Us

Support our mission by supporting our partners World Vision, VisionFund, and Impact Foundation. Together, we are seeking to develop a new model for uplifting children out of poverty that does not need to rely on donations long-term. In the meantime, your support will help perfect the model by offsetting early-adopter risk and ensuring that the communities where GAFCo works have access to safe water, quality heathcare, and education for all children.