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What we do !

Summary project intervention:

The overall solution of the PPP project partners provide is a structured and integrated intervention
that provides incentives to farmers to increase maize production. The following
specific intervention are foreseen:

  1. Improve maize production systems, using conservation agriculture and with focus on inclusion of women and youth, and stimulating local entrepreneurs to join efforts
  2. Improve post-harvest and marketing systems (maize drying/storage services), increasing both yields and incomes of farmers
  3. Increasing no. of farmers (including women and youth) that are part of an effective and operational warehouse receipt system
  4. Increasing the availability of other financial services to farmers (including women and youth) to support a commercially-driven business model
  5. Increasing investments in the maize sector, using the PPP project platform and the commercial business model as a breeding ground
  6. Structure lessons learnt to scale the PPP project business model, enabling strategic changes in the maize sector, incl. at policy level

The PPP project partners will also ensure structured knowledge capturing and collaboration to ensure successful up-scaling, by developing a:

  1. PPP platform that captures/shares knowledge, structures advocacy to policy makers
  2. PPP platform that acts as breeding ground for new investments in maize sector
  3. PPP platform that documents evidence on the PPP project’s business case, tests and improves
  4. Effective M&E system (accountability/strategic steering & learning), to steer partners
  5. Network and online tools to share lessons learnt with other maize sector interventions.