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A majority of our smallholder farmers produce beans. Tanzania’s weather and soils make a perfect environment to grow beans. They are also easy for smallholders to learn how to produce. The typical growing season is 3 months. Some areas can do multiple seasons a year.They are also a great rotational crop for barley, cotton, and maize.



The weather in Tanzania is great for growing sunflower. We press the sunflower seeds to produce oil that is sold internationally. We grow a high-oleic sunflower variety which produces a higher quality oil. Another great rotational crop for beans.








Similar to sunflower, it is used to press into oil, is sold in international markets, and is a great rotational crop for beans


Maize is a staple crop in Africa. Farmers know how to grow it well, and it is a crop that the farmers like to eat. It doesn’t have as much of an international market, but many local markets exist. Great rotational crop for beans